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Freedoms Run COVID Repsonse

Dear Freedom’s Run runners,

We appreciate your patience as we work hard for safe options for our event October 3. With so much uncertainty with community spread, as schools start to open and tourists are starting to re-enter our community there has been significant community concern about hosting any event. We responded to these concerns in an editorial this past weekend.

The Jounral Article

We have been in close collaboration with our hospital nonprofit, the Corporation of Shepherdstown, and the County Health Department and concerns exist, rightly so, from those areas too. With the priority being the wellbeing of our runners, volunteers, sponsors, and community at large we have made the difficult decision to cancel for 2020. The most recent mandates from the local and state governments have also made this imperative.

We would like to defer everyone’s registration to 2021 or 2022. As runners ourselves we are certainly disappointed. We know the dedication and excitement that goes into training, but taking time away from races also allows us to remember why we run – because we love it. For now, your registration is saved in our files and you will be contacted when we open registration for 2021. We are hoping that in December we can do a local friendly type of run, if that can be pulled off safely, so stay tuned. We at Freedoms Run want to get you outside, moving, staying healthy, and staying connected to the community of runners.

All the best,
Dr. Mark and Katie and Freedom’s Run Race Series Team

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